• A group of companies
  • transforming futures, bridging innovations
  • where marketing, PR and content meets
    technology excellence

Nice Group is a dynamic and innovative group of companies, known for its cutting-edge digital and marketing solutions. Through our core brands and companies, we do business in a nice way.

  • We grow and acquire businesses with the same ethos and compliance standards in providing companies and brands with services in retail, trade, marketing and customer experience
  • Develop and grow strong people, build talent and careers
  • Provide services and solutions to real world business, marketing and retail problems

Our group capabilities and expertise

Ecommerce Platforms

Effective and robust e-commerce platform development, support and integrations help you increase online sales and streamline business processes.

Marketing & PR

A leading public relations firm dedicated to crafting compelling narratives that elevate brands and engage target audiences. With a focus on strategic communication, we specialise in building and maintaining positive brand reputations through effective media relations, storytelling, and impactful communication strategies.

Web Software Solutions

Our team of experienced engineers architect and build a diverse range of digital products, from websites to complex interactive sites, games, PWA’s interactive educational services and bespoke software builds.


Empowering businesses and retailers by harnessing the power of data insights. We specialise in Google Analytics and other data data sources, collecting, analysing, and interpreting web data to provide actionable intelligence, enabling informed decision-making and optimising online performance for our clients.

UX & Design

Specialises in creating seamless and engaging user experiences that resonate with your brand identity. From Strategy to intuitive interface design to cohesive visual branding, we elevate your digital presence, ensuring a memorable connection between your audience and your brand.


Elevating online visibility and driving organic traffic to your business by implementing strategic search engine optimization techniques. With a comprehensive approach, optimising website content, enhancing keyword strategies, and employing industry-leading tactics to ensure your brand ranks prominently in search engine results, boosting your online presence and customer engagement.

Companies in the Group

  • Web Select

    Webselect is a leading e-commerce company providing web development and digital marketing solutions.

  • PLPR

    PLPR changing people’s attitudes to food and drink brands and services through paid for, earned, shared and owned channels.

  • We Heart Digital

    We Heart Digital is a creative and innovative digital agency crafting impactful online experiences for brands.

  • Bright Spark Digital

    Bright Spark Digital is a dynamic digital marketing agency driving online success for businesses.

    Virgin Mobile Team Rates Screenshot


  • Despite my initial concerns about Nice Group looking after what I had worked on for 20 years, and my brilliant team, they were as good as their word and most of the team are still there now 5 years later.

    We worked out a payment term which, once again, I was naturally cautious about, but Nice Group have kept their word and never missed a payment.

    All in all it’s been a smooth and very painless process.

    Mark Walker — Founder of Webselect

Press Releases

11/07/2024 | PLPR announces merger with Nice Group

Bristol based public relations and social media consultancy, PLPR has announced that the business will join Nice Group, in a move that will expand client services and opportunities across both businesses.

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Group Values

Customer Excellence

At the heart of our Group, we are committed to delivering unparalleled customer excellence through unwavering dedication to understanding and exceeding our clients’ needs.


We are unwavering in our commitment to triple-bottom-line sustainability, seamlessly integrating environmental, financial, and social responsibility into our operations, ensuring a positive impact on our planet, community, and financial health.


We uphold honesty as the cornerstone of our culture, fostering trust through transparent communication and unwavering integrity in all our endeavours.

Who We Work With

Our Awards & Memberships

B Corp

We’re a certified B Corporation, as a group we are committed to embedding and sustaining purpose into our actions, decisions and strategy across all of the Group companies. See our impact score here.


We are award winners in the Ecommerce Awards for ‘Best Ecommerce Team’ 2022 and ‘Best Fashion Website’ 2023.

Tech South West

We are proud and active members of Tech South West – the region’s technology sector, education, government, businesses network – to engage with the sector and support its growth.